The OPALEAN solution connects shippers and carriers around the management of their container.
Quantities of pallets loaded and unloaded are inputed on the web platform and directly delivered to your partner.

The latter can either validate or, in case of disagreement, issuing an alert that will be visible by the declarant.

Through sharing of information, balances between the two partners are aligned, any deviation is identified and solved immediately.

The exchange of information removes the re-entry for a saving in administrative time.

OPALEAN integrates a powerful statistics module for controling balances.

OPALEAN requires no installation and is accessible by a Web browser. Data are secured and are shared between the shipper and the carrier.



PMS expert in container management
Lease, exchange and one way
Management of complex flows
Management of inputs and outputs flows

Efficient, ergonomic, fast and easy to use
Direct visualization of balances
Quick and easy input through the web interface
Highlighting disputes for a quick resolution
Alerts on debts exceeded
Connected to your IT environment
Send real-time data to your partners
Send automated alerts and listing
Connectable to your IT system
Access to information on mobile solutions
SaaS technology access


Time saving
Pallets saving
Loss of pallets divided by 2 minimum
Better rotation of your pallets
A significant reduction in the balances
Increased availability of pallets
A management closer to your inventory
Quick Return On Investment
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