EPAL warns against counterfeiting of europallets EPAL from Ukraine

Import of europallets EPAL of counterfeit products from Ukraine
Newsletter for EPAL licensees since the beginning of the year 2015 more europallets

EPAL from Ukraine are marketed at prices significantly lower than those of the market. These pallets are not manufactured by licensees of EPAL in Ukraine.

It's fake: it is forbidden to order, import, store or sell such pallets!

Customs control on behalf of EPAL, trucks carrying loads of pallets at the external borders of the Germany, the Poland, the Czech Republic, the Slovakia and other countries. Other controls are performed within different countries by mobile control units of the customs as well as by the local customs authorities. The control of EPAL, Bureau Veritas, society is also involved in this "hunt" counterfeits of pallets.

These intensive research measures serve to protect users from poor quality imitations, and notably to preserve the licensees of EPAL face unfair competition and dumping of prices charged by counterfeiters and traders. Unfortunately, EPAL had noted repeatedly that some licensees of EPAL had ordered or stored for europallets EPAL of infringement on their sites, exposing themselves to serious financial and legal consequences.

This is why the EPAL wishes to recall the following to all its licensees:

For any delivery of europallets EPAL from the Ukraine, should provide you directly to Ukrainian enterprises licensed by EPAL. You will find the names of the licensees of EPAL in Ukraine on the web site of EPAL:


If you order the europallets EPAL from Ukraine to third-party companies, or these pallets are delivered from the Ukraine, should require the presentation of a document attesting that the pallets come originally from a licensee of EPAL.

If the pallets are delivered from Ukraine by non-incumbent firms licensed EPAL, should be directly and systematically control comparable to the continuous inspection carried out in the production or repair of the europallets EPAL pallets. As a general rule, the counterfeits are recognizable to immediately (eg. clips missing control, EPAL and IPPC falsified or contradictory, quality defects obvious markings).

Therefore only a licensee of EPAL notes that the europallets EPAL he has purchased or it is provided in any other way (e.g.. Exchange, repair or sorting of pallets) are counterfeits, it shall inform EPAL immediately. It is forbidden to store of europallets EPAL infringing without prior notification of the EPAL!

In addition, it is stipulated in the conditions of licence of EPAL that licensees witnesses of a violation of the trademark "EPAL in the oval" are required to inform EPAL and to offer their collaboration in the context of an action for infringement. EPAL therefore considers the reception and storage, without prior reporting, europallets EPAL of counterfeiting as a violation of the conditions of licence that should be sanctioned as such. The provision, resale or use of europallets EPAL of counterfeiting as part of exchanges (the Exchange accounts compensation) constitutes a violation of the brand «EPAL in the oval"giving rise to liability on the part of EPAL.

The europallets EPAL of counterfeiting are destroyed in accordance with the legislation in force, on the orders of the customs authority or at the request of EPAL. The EPAL licensees may not reuse counterfeit as palettes unirotation pallets after to have blackened markings.

Thus, if you order of europallets EPAL from an unknown or questionable source (indices: lack of license, low price, no indication of the source of supply, etc.), it is highly inadvisable to pay a deposit. In fact, you may never be able to recover this amount because of the inability – unless you pay the commissions considerable – to get a refund from abroad, in particular in Ukraine.

Control, storage or putting into circulation of europallets EPAL infringement expose the licensee to quite considerable financial damage, going beyond the loss of a potential deposit or a punishment imposed by EPAL.

Indeed, the costs of storage, transport and destruction of counterfeit pallets are added the attorneys fees, customs fees and the cost of the control society. If counterfeit pallets are resold and reported to the EPAL by user or its purchaser, entails additional costs for the loading of the goods as well as conventional penalties, if applicable. All these costs should be paid by the buyer or owner of the europallets EPAL of infringement to EPAL.

That is why the EPAL recommended urgently to the EPAL pallets delivered from the Ukraine, provide exclusively to licensees of EPAL.

European Pallet Association e.V.
Düsseldorf, August 2015