Infringement of europallets EPAL: seizure, on the border between the Ukraine and the Slovakia

European Pallet Association e. V.
Infringement of europallets EPAL: seizure, on the border between the Ukraine and the Slovakia
Düsseldorf / Moscow, September 13, 2015 – more than 1000 europallets EPAL of infringement were seized during a large-scale at the Ukrainian-Slovak border control operation. This operation was conducted in collaboration between the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL), the society of independent supervisory Bureau Veritas and Slovak Customs at the border crossing Vyšné Nemecké / Uzhgorod. It was designed to prevent the illegal importation of europallets of counterfeiting in the EU.

In the space of a week, altogether six pallet loads were monitored, of which two contained counterfeit EPAL pallets. Counterfeits were clearly recognizable marking tampered with on of external and Central of the pallets as well as the absence of control clips. In addition, the poor quality of the pallets was evident at the first glance. At the end of the investigation, the pallets of counterfeit seized will be destroyed at the expense of the importers having acted unlawfully.

The europallets EPAL of counterfeiting constitute a violation of the trademark law giving rise to liability on the part of EPAL, holder of the rights to the "EPAL in the oval" brand, as well as customs authorities.

Other operations are planned at the borders of the Ukraine with the Poland and the Hungary. In addition, the European Pallet Association works in close collaboration with the licensed by EPAL pallets manufacturers who settled in Ukraine. Mr. Samson Simonian, representative of EPAL in Russia, summarizes the work of EPAL on the ground: "this is to stabilize quality, within the meaning of EPAL, the market of pallets in Ukraine and the region and defend our licensees criminally prosecuting counterfeiters and importers of counterfeit EPAL pallets. »