The 1/2 EPAL hits the market

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY-(Marketwired – Oct 13, 2014)

The European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) has introduced a new half EPAL pallet with three soles. This half pallet 800 x 600 mm EPAL, certified by an independent body, was designed to be more resilient and have superior longevity in the "Düsseldorfer" currently used on the market. Tested in practice, this new tool for handling has been developed on the basis of an active dialogue with the large distribution and industry users. The use of a renewable feedstock such as wood makes the EPAL half pallet particularly sustainable from the ecological point of view.

"The new half EPAL pallet with four inputs is tailored to the needs of users, combining the flexibility of the palletizations benefits of the EPAL system," said Mr. Martin Leibrandt, CEO of EPAL. The palletizations are especially required in the sector of foodstuffs and drinks, as well as by the discounteurs and signs of large distribution. "Outside of a quality and an excellent resistance, users expect a half pallet to be enfourchée with a cart for handling by its four sides, even the narrowest of 600 mm. The new half-EPAL pallets allows to easily manoeuvre the goods on the surfaces of sales, as well as to different articles on the same sales area,"says Mr. Martin Leibrandt.

Two times smaller than a euro pallet EPAL, this new tool for handling is redeemable without limitation within the largest pool open exchange of pallets that exist. EPAL has managed to achieve the most bandwidth of input possible from the side measuring 600 mm, in order to provide optimum conditions for manipulation using trucks. The only raw materials used in its manufacture are the wood and steel. With a capacity of up to 500 kg load, the half EPAL pallet weighs less than 10 kg. The five elements of floor as the six ties and insoles measure 21 mm thick. 3 mm thick steel six angles give the whole extra stability, and protect the palette against damage resulting from its daily use. Suitable for automated warehouses, the new half pallet meets the international standard ISPM 15 and the famous EPAL logo is stamped on the steel angles.

Before the quality of the "Düsseldorfer" wooden palletizations used in the market was not certified. Users boycotting them. Indeed, "until now it was not necessary to have a licence for the manufacture of palletizations. This is why cheap imports are often of poor quality", confirms the Director general, Mr. Leibrandt. With its new half-pallets, EPAL offers the guarantee of a QA users, since this half pallet will be manufactured and repaired by licensed companies. EPAL ensures excellence and the homogeneity of the quality of its pallets thanks to unannounced checks carried out by the independent inspection company Bureau Veritas from manufacturers and repairers.

About EPAL:
Association EPAL (European Pallet Association), founded in 1991, is the incumbent of a licence for manufacture or repair pallets and box pallets EPAL/EUR. Since August 1, 2013, EPAL has been fabricate and repair under exclusive license from marked europallets "EPAL in the oval" on the four outside dice. EPAL is responsible internationally for the constant quality of handling EPAL tools, and put why on quality controls made externally by an independent body. EPAL is represented in 14 countries by its national committees, which ensure the implementation of the objectives of the EPAL at national level.