EPAL launches a half pallet

The European Pallet Association introduced a new half palette of three soles of 800 x 600, greater than the currently used Düsseldorfer longevity.

Handling support has been tested with the retail and industry users. Particularly requested in the agri-food and beverages as well as retail, this palette is twice smaller than a euro pallet Epal. It is exchangeable in the largest European pallet pool. Designed to offer a big entrance on the side width 600 mm for industrial trucks. A load capacity of 500 kg, it weighs less than 10 kg.
The five elements of floor and six ties and soles are 21 mm thick. 3 mm steel angles give extra stability. "It is tailor-made to associate the flexibility of a half pallets with the advantages of the Epal system", explains Martin Leibrandt, CEO of Epal. In any case, it replaces advantageously the half nicknamed pallets Düsseldorfer which required no license for its manufacture and whose image was degraded by cheap imports. The new will be manufactured and repaired by companies licensed and controlled by bureau Veritas.


October 15, 2014, by Gilles Solard