EPAL strengthens international cooperation

"We will continue to grow even more focus on the needs of the market.  "It is in these terms that Robert Holliger, President of the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL), introduced the ambitions of the larger pool of pallets in the world, at the Hamburg palettes Symposium which took place today. Parallel to the expansion of the pool of Exchange to other countries in Europe and the strengthening of its international network of licensees, EPAL plans to introduce a new half pallet (the "Düsseldorfer").

"EPAL will be more versatile, more efficient, and will significantly expand its service offering," announced Robert Holliger. EPAL also wants to intensify its collaboration with professional associations, retail and industrial. The objective is to improve the efficiency of processes within the pool of open exchange of pallets by the implementation of standardized procedures and to improve the quality. "We work in the interest of the market and we have many other projects", said Martin Leibrandt (CEO). Among these projects, is to increase the penetration on the European markets and to integrate new countries in the exchange of the pallet pool. Besides the Austria and the Hungary, we will expand our activities in the Czech Republic. Secondly, we want to involve us more strongly in Croatia and in the Scandinavian countries, said Robert Holliger.

EPAL launches the production of palletizations with three soles, whose quality is certified by an independent body
The introduction of the new half pallet EPAL with three soles, whose quality will be certified by an independent agency, is planned for late 2013 / beginning 2014. Manufacturing and repair activities are subject to a quality assurance which the independent inspection company Bureau Veritas ensures homogeneity. Since January 1, 2013, Bureau Veritas has already carried out near 13 000 spot-checks at licensees EPAL across Europe. The change of control society had led the UIC to put an end to its collaboration with the EPAL late last year. Since August 1, EPAL has already manufactured 10 million pallets bearing the marking "EPAL in the oval" on the four outside dice. At the same time, the brand 'EUR in the oval' and the initials of the national railway companies have disappeared. The new palettes are manufactured and repaired exclusively by EPAL licensed throughout Europe.

"We are very satisfied with the work of the independent inspection company Bureau Veritas.". "The checks of unexpectedly quits with EPAL licence holders allow to guarantee the excellent quality of the new marked europallets of the «EPAL in the oval» logo on the four outside of", explains Robert Holliger.

The exchange of pallets EPAL bearing the new marking smooth
So far, users have barely noticed the change of marking. «Exchange pallets new EPAL takes place without the slightest striking. '' About 95 percent of some 1600 licensees of EPAL signed new license agreement and continue the manufacture and repair of europallets EPAL", stressed the president. Rupture or the Division of the pool of exchange of pallets that many feared will finally didn't place. "We want to promote innovation, ensure the excellence of the quality and the rigor of the controls," said Robert Holliger.